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From the Cafe Organic Garden

Welcome to Hudson Street Café 

Open Hours

 Call 845-325-2408 at any time or day to preorder. 

Thursday -Saturday 4 pm-7 pm     2020 Summer Menu 

Takeout only. Curbside delivery.

We strongly encourage preordering, as supplies may be limited.

Please Scroll to the bottom of the page for Weekly Specials


  • Large Cafe Salad with artisan greens and seasonal vegetables, balsamic vinaigrette    $10 
  • Middle Eastern Salad - artisan greens, Cafe hummus, Kalamata olives, feta, lemon-oregano vinaigrette; warm pita    $12
  • Summer Power Bowl - organic quinoa, brown rice, grilled vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, toasted nuts and seeds with lemon vinaigrette     $14

                               Add to any salad:   Grilled Organic Chicken Breast    $6

                                                            Cranberry Chicken Salad              $6  

                                                                        Tuna Salad                                      $5

                                                                        Grilled Vegetables                          $4  

Sandwiches - served with choice of fries or small Cafe salad

  • Cafe Burger on brioche bun with choice of American, cheddar, OR  Swiss  $12

                                                                             Add Our Thick Sliced Bacon     $13.50

  • Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich on brioche bun with pickled slaw and Russian dressing    $13
  • Grilled Vegetable Melt on ciabatta with summer squashes, sundried tomato pesto, Edgwick Farm goat cheese,  garden herbs    $12


  • Veggie Pancakes and Brown Rice and Quinoa Pilaf, soy-ginger sauce    $16
                                    Add Grilled Organic Chicken Breast or Griddled Tofu $20  ____________________________________________________________________

Thursday August 13 - Saturday  August 15 Specials 

Check out our breakfast items below for making your own at home

Limited Supplies - Please Preorder anytime by calling 845-325-2408

  • Panzanella - local tomatoes, artisan greens, pickled onions, house made garlic croutons, parmesan, and red wine vinaigrette    $12
  • Hummus Plate with local vegetables, mixed olives, and warm pita -$12 -  serves 4 as an appetizer
  • Pan Roasted Wild Caught Halibut with farm tomato and Walden herb butter, summer vegetable hash     $30 

  •  Black Angus NY Strip with Phelp's roasted garlic butter, home fried potatoes, sauteed farm vegetables   $30 

  • Chicken Shiitake Burger on brioche with hoisin barbeque glaze, Asian slaw; fries or small Cafe salad    $14
  • Tabouli with Chickpea and Artichoke Salad, sliced tomatoes, artisan greens and cucumber salad      $18 
    Add Grilled Murray’s Chicken Breast $24

Add Organic Griddled Tofu   $22

  • Turkey Club - Café roasted turkey breast, bacon, balsamic onions, basil mayo on brioche  $12

  • Meatloaf Melt – Café Meatloaf, cheddar, sun dried tomato pesto on ciabatta; fries or small salad    $12    

    ***While Supplies Last - Family Meals

  • Please Preorder any time after this is published

  • Murray’s Chicken Pieces Dinner or Donna's Meatloaf Dinner***

       Hoisin Glazed Murray’s Chicken Breasts and Thighs, vegetable fried rice, Asian coleslaw  $50  -  serves 4 

Donna's Meatloaf, Four Cheese Macaroni and Cheese, green salad with balsamic vinaigrette    $48 - serves 4

***Special Dessert - Donna's Lemon Lavender Pound Cake for 4 with Blackberry compote   $24

Peach Crisp for 4 - $20

  • Lemon Ice Box Cake for 4 - $20

    Individual Lemon Ice Box Cake - $6

    Individual Butterscotch pudding - $6

    Donna’s Famous Brownies  -  $4

  • Kitchen Sink Cookies - $12 - 1/2 dozen

  • Strawberry OR Pear-Ginger Ready to bake Scones - 6 for $12


Salads, Sides, Desserts - Available Thursday-Saturday

Salads by the Quart:

  • Cranberry Chicken    $15
  • Line Caught Albacore Tuna    $12
  • Cafe Hummus    $10

Cafe Made Salad Dressings by the Pint:    

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette    $8
  • Lemon Oregano Vinaigrette    $8
  • Cafe Ranch    $10

Miss Our Breakfasts?

  • Cafe All-Purpose Seasoning ( what Donna puts on hash browns and tater tots)    $ 8
  • Donna's Barbeque Rub for Pork, Beef, or Chicken - 8 oz jar     $8
  • 1 Pound Coffee - whole bean or ground)    $10
  • Corn and Oat Bran Pancake Mix    $12
  • Ready to bake, frozen scones - strawberry OR ginger-pear   $12 for 6

Preorder only

  • Breakfast Sausage    $10 per pound
  • House Made Chorizo    $10 per pound (amazing in your homemade scrambled eggs, quesadillas, or nachos)


  • Cafe Brownies    $4 each
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies    $6 per half dozen
  • Donna's Lemon Ice Box Cake   $6       0r 4 serving size $18
  • Butterscotch Pudding    $6

Quart of Mint Lemonade    $10   ($1 off with return of Quart Jar and Lids from last week)

Quart of Blueberry Lemonade    $12    ($1 off with return of Quart Jar and Lids from last week)

Add a Bottle of Brut American Champagne    $8

****See other drink options below****

Call 845-325-2408 to order

With food purchase, you may also purchase beer or wine, with ID

While Supplies Last

Gnarly Head Pinot Noir - $18

Seven Moons Red Blend - $18

Josh Cabernet - $22

Slow Press Sauvingnon Blanc - $19

Fini Pinot Grigio - $18

Benmarl Stainless Steel Bottle - $20

Craft Beers - $5 per can, Mix and Match 6 Pack $25

Nitro Milk Stout

Juice Bomb

Run Wild IPA - Nonalcoholic

Dogfish Head IPA - Lite-cal

Mother's Milk Stout

Naked Flock Hard Cider

We Hope To See You Soon!

As our area enters Phase 3, Donna and I continue to be so very grateful for health, family, staff, friends and the loyalty of our regular customers who have come weekly (sometimes several times a week) for takeout dinners and supplies. We are doing it all on our own and thank you for your patience when ordering and picking up. Many of you have asked about our staff and at this time, they are all healthy and comfortable. We see or hear from most of them regularly and know that for now, this is a better financial and health arrangement for them as well. We miss them even more than you do!

Often you have asked if we have outdoor seating and if we are opening soon for in-house service. We appreciate your wanting to support us and hope you continue to do so by coming for takeout Thursday-Saturday and for taking advantage of our custom catering services.  You have helped us to pay for our rent and supplies, and to keep the lights on.

We are very thankful for the direction of NY State Government and the care of New Yorkers in changing the direction of the covid-19 curve in our region and for the work that essential workers have been doing so well, mostly out of our direct vision.

As you may know, many small restaurants like ours have already gone out of business. Unfortunately, many more will do so in the future. As we watch the rising cases and deaths in other parts of our country and world, we hope that we do not have another rise here, but it would be unrealistic to forge ahead as if our problems are all behind us. As we read about other restaurants throughout the country reopening, sadly there are too many stories of reopening celebrations followed by permanent closings when one restaurant worker or patron becomes ill. We don’t want to put ourselves, customers, staff and family and friends in any danger, just as Donna would never compromise on the quality of her ingredients or final menu items.

We will be keeping our Thursday-Saturday 4 pm-7 pm Takeout and Curbside services for the foreseeable future and will continue to cater your special events.

Again, we thank you for your support and understanding and We Hope To See You Soon!

Donna and Anne